He may well look, sound and act alike, but is he funny?

Dear Edmond

Just a short note on behalf of the Agents Association North West Branch to thank you very much indeed for "Basil Fawltys" contribution at our annual Variety Show held at the Willows Variety Centre, Manchester.

The evening was a
huge success and thanks to the efforts of people like yourself, we managed to raise a considerable sum on the night for a wonderful Childrens Charity "Wish upon a Star".

Once again many thanks
Yours sincerely

Barrie Lucas, Executive Producer

"That was brilliant John, can I have your autograph please? When are you going to do another series"?

Accoutants Christmas Party in Oslo.

Hi Ed...just a quick note to say very many thanks for last night's
performance. 'Basil' took the place by storm and was a big hit with

Your opening fracas in the kitchen was spot-on, and really took people by surprise, judging from the looks on their faces. The audience participation bit was excellent too - and unearthed a couple of budding Manuels, it seems!

Thanks too, for posing for the many photo opportunities - seems that just about everyone wanted their picture taken with 'Mr Fawlty' (me included!) And for sticking around to mingle with the audience in-character: it must be quite an energy-draining experience being 'someone else' for hours at a time!

All-in-all, a really successful night, with 'Basil' being the proverbial
icing on the cake!

Thanks again...and I'll certainly spread the word to my friends and

Jill, Director of Upfront Communications Ltd



We are in your debt - it was brilliant and you put a lot into it for us. We couldn't have imagined the whole weekend would go so well. Thank you very much. Hope you enjoyed yourself!

Devon Social Group


Thanks for your ideas and inspiration- its a great idea- i'm chuckling picturing it!

And After:

It was magic- and what a pleasure working with you! Thank you for everything, Warmest regards
Madelaine Black

Barmitzvah - North London Synagogue

‘On the behalf of the Social Committee, we were delighted by Ed Wells and Kim Morrison’s Basil and Sybil Fawlty at our company Christmas party this year. Not only were some of their mannerisms uncanny in their accuracy, but their presence lent a huge sense of fun to the evening from the word go. Their flexibility in tailoring their material to the occasion and to our company was really appreciated – top entertainment all round!’

SHL Staff Recruitment.